Choosing the right HVAC System
for your Home in Las Vegas, NV

Choosing The Right A/C System

It can be very difficult to choose the right Air Conditioning system for your home and family. There are a number of things you should consider when going over all of your HVAC options. Here are a couple of things you should be thinking about:


Cooling and heating costs average almost half of a household’s total energy bill. Installing a new, more efficient Air Conditioning or Heating unit is a great way to use less energy and save you money in the long term.

Everyone looking to purchase a new AC or Heating system should be aware of the efficiency rating (SEER) of the system they are considering purchasing and what that means for them. The higher the SEER rating is on a System the less energy it requires to operate; which means more savings for you!

Currently, the industry standard is a SEER rating of 14; which means that all new Systems have to be at a 14 Seer or higher.

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In addition to the efficiency rating you also want to ensure that you are getting the correct size unit for you home. Heating and Air Conditioning units are measured in tonnage. The tonnage of a unit determines its cooling/heating capacity.

If the system on your home is too low of a tonnage for your living space then it will not be able to efficiently cool or heat you home. This can lead to an uncomfortable living space. It can also cause excessive strain on your system causing it to wear our faster than it should meaning that it will have to be replaced sooner.

Heating AC Energy Efficiency

On the other hand having a system with more cooling or heating capacity than is required creates a whole different set of issues. This can cause your energy bill to be higher than necessary as well as increasing humidity levels in the home.

Choosing the right HVAC System
for your Home in Las Vegas, NV